God is good!!

Today I  learned  that what I do matters “blessed is the man that trusts in The Lord whose hope is in the Lord” Jeremiah 17 :7  don’t trust your heart, keep your eyes on Jesus He is the one who died for you, my actions have consecuences and if I trust in the flesh I shall recieve from the flesh would not you rather recieve from God instead? then trust in Him wait on Him for the ones who wait on Him their strength is renewed  you’ll be like a tree planted by the waters v8 says ,your strength will be renewed because of the hope you have in Him you know for sure that He is coming through with His word and blessings because He said so. your job is to keep your hope in Him no matter what you see around you ,do you know that He can change circumstances any way He wants?  there is nothing imposible for Him …He is the creator of everything even your situation right now!! the word says to wait upon the Lord as you wait in faith reading ,praying ,fasting the power of the Holy Spirit will fill you up, the hope you have in Him will give you strength till  your heart is ready …He will show up He is never late remember?

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